The Conspiracy Files

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The Conspiracy Files

The past few decades have been filled with stunning technological advancement. But is all this "progress" good for humanity? Animal cloning has been a reality for decades but the disturbing experiments going on behind close doors will shock you. Human cloning may be much closer than you think.
Is this half man, half ape simply a figment of our collective imagination or does he really exist? As the evidence begins to pile up maybe we should be asking ... who has been keeping this from us?
We rely on machines for virtually every aspect of modern life. Have we reached the point where we need them more than they need us? If technology goes too far, too fast, there may be a time where we are no longer at the top of the evolutionary food chain.

Scientists believe that Stargates are doorways to wormholes in time. As it turns out, the government may have already known that. We'll reveal the secret location of stargates around the world and tell you who is trying to open them and why.

From JFK and Roswell, there are secrets that those in power don't want you to know. We'll take on classic conspiracy theories and add a few tales that are guaranteed to shock you.

It was recently reported that the CIA spent over a billion dollars on a "psy ops army". Where did the money go? Was this research a success? We'll unseal documents that could prove the government has an army of remote viewers watching you right now.

Hitler, Sadaam, Osama. These and many other leaders lived a shadowy life filled with body doubles, assassination attempts and deceit. The trouble is: how do you know when they are really dead? We'll uncover proof that several infamous world leaders did not die when you think they did.

Often thought to be safely in the realm of science fiction, time travel is much more real than you were led to believe. We'll unseal the evidence on time travel and let you decide for yourself if time travel is in our future, or our past.

Has our government been at war with alien aggressors for the past half century? Startling evidence indicates that the US military has been under and attack and has kept it from the public.

Hitler was defeated in 1945, by this twisted ideal lives on today. For decades, there have been rumors key members of Hitler’s inner circle escaped the fall of Berlin—maybe even the Fuhrer himself. But where did they go?  And what is their plan?

Secret satellites. Death stars. The weaponization of outer space. Are governments the world over preparing for an Alien Attack? And if so, why are we being kept in the dark?

It seems the world is fascinated with all things science fiction. First it was vampires, then werewolves, and now Zombies. But could this once seemingly far fetched idea be closer to happening then we ever thought possible? Are zombies becoming a reality?

New developments in science and research have invented equipment that may have much more sinister capabilities than we are being led to believe.  Are governments around the world using weather control to incite the next World War and possibly destroy the planet?

The Great Deceiver. Seducer of the masses. The Bringer of Armageddon. Every culture and religion on the planet believes that an evil one will usher in the end of days. But who is this Anti-Christ? And how can we hope to stop him?

Since the dawn of man, the few have tried to control the fate of the many. But is there really an elite group of powerbrokers trying to rule the planet? And if so, who is behind this New World Order?

There is a battle going on for your mind. From the Cold War to the TV set, someone wants to control what you think, how you act and what you believe. We’ll reveal the new practices in mind control and tell you why you need to start paying attention…. before it’s too late.

There is a secret government facility accused of creating many diseases currently plaguing our country. Have we unleashed these biological weapons on purpose and if so, is there a secret lab near you?

The end is near. There have been signs and prophecies for centuries but it does feel like man's time on this planet is almost over. The question is: are you ready for Doomsday?